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Berries and Cream Smooth Trifle
Courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Servings: 6
Prep Time: 20 Min.
Cook Time: n/a
Chill Time: 2 Hr.
What you need:
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+ 1 1/2 c. cold milk
+ 1 pkg. (4 serving size) vanilla flavor instant pudding
+ 1/4 c. Grand Marnier™ or other orange liqueur or orange juice
+ 2 c. heavy cream, whipped and divided
+ 1 (10.75 oz.) pound cake, cut into 3/4-in. squares
+ 1 c. ( 8 oz. pkg.) fresh strawberries, sliced and divided
+ 1 1/4 c. ( 6 oz. pkg.) fresh raspberries, divided
+ 3/4 c. (4.4 oz. pkg.) fresh blueberries, divided
+ 4 kiwi fruit, sliced and divided
+ additional fruit for garnish, optional
What to do:
1. In a large bowl, combine milk, pudding mix and liqueur; mix well. Chill 5 min. Fold in 1 c. of whipped cream.
2. To assemble trifle, place half of the cake cubes in the bottom of a 4-quart trifle bowl or other deep clear glass serving bowl. Top with 2 c. of pudding mixture. Layer with half of each fruit. Repeat layers with remaining cake, pudding mixture and fruit.
3. Garnish with remaining whipped cream and additional fruit, if desired. Chill thoroughly before serving.